Al Yamama Village wants to help you meet your lifestyle goals.

Need to tone up or build some muscle; We can help!

There is a large fully equipped gym with free weights, treadmills, elipticals, step masters and various other types of equipment to help you achieve those goals.

Need to destress; We can help there too!

Come soak in the Jacuzzi, do a few laps in the lap pool or just float in the full sized pool. Stretch out on the lounge chairs and just relax.

Kids need a change of pace; We can help!

Take them to the outdoor play areas or the indoor playroom to burn off some of that extra energy. There’s a kid’s pool too just for them.

For teens, we have the basketball court, squash courts and a place to “hang out”.

Small World – Pre School

Small world is a privately run school on al Yamama II Village . It caters to the educational needs of Students starting from the age of 2. Programs are geared to meet the educational and developmental needs of each child. The day is organized around and balanced curriculum that works around the appropriate educational, emotional and social learning goals. We also offer homeschooling support.

In a nutshell, we are truly a unique living experience here in Riyadh. If home is where the
heart is, then come and see why so many of our residents call Al Yamama Village
home away from home.